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Licensing and quotas for exports and imports of certain types of goods

In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated December 15, 2017 No. DP-5286 “On additional measures to stimulate exports and ensure the competitiveness of domestic goods in foreign markets”, the following approved:

Product name

HS Code


Weapons and military equipment, special components for their production

8526 (only for military purposes), 8710, 8802 (civil helicopters, excluding civil aircraft), 8803 (in addition to civil aviation flight parts), 8805 (does not belong to the category of citizens) 8906 10 000 0,9013 10 000 0,9013 20 000 0,9013 80,9014,9301, 9302 00 000 0,9305 (applies only to military weapons), 9306 (only for military purposes)


Uranium and other radioactive substances, products made from them, wastes of radioactive substances

2612 (only uranium concentrates), 2844, 2845


Instruments and equipment used in radioactive substances



Precious metals and other materials made from them

7106 (with the exception of ingots (ingots) of measured silver mined by individuals), 7107 — 7111000000 (except for measured gold in ingots (ingots) mined by individuals), 7115