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Rules of origin

Articles 358-366 of the Customs Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan contain rules regarding the origin of goods. In general, the above rules meet the requirements for the application of rules of origin of goods established by the GATT/WTO Agreement on Rules of Origin.

To confirm the origin of goods, a certificate of origin of the established international standard is provided to the customs authorities.

The Rules for Determining the country of Origin of goods, approved by the Decision of the Council of CIS Heads of Government of September 24, 1993, apply to goods originating from the CIS member States.

Certificates of origin of goods in the Republic of Uzbekistan are issued in order to confirm the country of origin of goods and can be used to obtain benefits in accordance with the current legislation of the country of import. The certification of the origin of goods is understood as the procedure for conducting an examination in order to determine the country of origin of goods, followed by the issuance, certification of certificates of origin of exported and re-exported goods from the Republic of Uzbekistan.

When exporting goods from the Republic of Uzbekistan, a certificate is issued in cases where a certificate is required and this is fixed in the relevant contracts or in the national rules of the importing country or provided for by the international obligations of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as at the request of the exporter. Along with the above, in order to simplify the procedures for customs clearance of Uzbek goods in import countries, Uzbekexpertiza JSC has introduced an electronic system for verifying certificates of origin of goods, which is carried out through the official website of Uzbekexpertiza JSC in the interactive services window in the most convenient and simple way.

In accordance with the Regulation on the Procedure for Certification of origin of goods (DCM-994 dated 13.12.2019), the authorized body is the body that carries out administrative cooperation on behalf of the Republic of Uzbekistan, which is entrusted with the function of issuing certificates for goods exported from the Republic of Uzbekistan (re—export).

In the Republic of Uzbekistan, the authorized body is the Ministry of Investment, industry and trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan or its authorized body, as well as the issuance of certificates on the basis of the declaration of the exporter /applicant is also carried out by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan.


1. Отправитель/Экспортер (наименование и почтовый адрес)

Consignor/Exporter (name and postal address)

4. № ______



(общая форма)

Выдан в Республике Узбекистан



2. Получатель/Импортер (наименование и почтовый адрес)

Consignee/Importer (name and postal address)

3. Средства транспорта и маршрут следования (насколько это известно)

Means of transport and route (as far as know)

5. Для служебных отметок


6. №

7. Маркировка и номера упаковок

Marks & No PKGS

8. Количество мест и вид упаковки, описание товара

Number and kind of packages; description of goods

9. Критерии происхождения

Origin criterion

10. Вес брутто/ нетто (кг)

Gross/net weight quantity

11. Номер и дата счета-фактуры

Number and date of invoices

12. Удостоверение

Настоящим удостоверяется, что декларация заявителя


It is hereby certified, that the declaration by the exporter is correct

Signature Date Stamp

Подпись Дата Печать

13. Декларация заявителя

Нижеподписавшийся заявляет, что вышеприведенные

сведения соответствуют действительности и все товары


The undersigned hereby declares that the above details and statements are correct; that all the goods were originate in the


Exported to

Signature Date Stamp

Подпись Дата Печать